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Our Animals



Every time you buy one of Nature’s Path’s EnviroKidz products, 1% of the sales are donated to support endangered species, habitat conservation, and environmental education for kids worldwide. To date, we have raised over $2.3 million to help our partnering organizations with their educational and protection efforts!

Did you know…?

  • Elephants are the largest land animals in the world. Their skin is an inch thick, and their molar teeth are the size of bricks!
  • Elephants are social creatures. They sometimes “hug” by wrapping their trunks together in displays of greeting and affection. They also purr like cats do, as a means of communication.
  • Elephants are extremely intelligent animals and have memories that span many years. They also display signs of grief, joy, anger, and play.
  • Elephants can get sunburned, so they protect themselves with sand.
  • The elephant’s trunk is able to sense the size, shape and temperature of an object. An elephant uses its trunk to lift food and suck up water then pour it into its mouth.

Wild Earth Allies

Wild Earth Allies work spans across the globe, with over 100 projects in nearly 40 countries, mostly in the developing world. Recognized as the first international conservation organization, Wild Earth Allies has pioneered many innovative, landmark programs and established conservation zones worldwide. With supporters running from Sir David Attenborough of BBC Earth fame, to Betty White, and yes, even the Queen of England, it’s no wonder that Wild Earth Allies has made serious strides in protecting plants and animals all over the world. Wild Earth Allies believes in a sustainable future for the planet, and their mission is to conserve threatened species and ecosystems, choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science, and take into account human needs.

Our Support

EnviroKidz funding supports our newest partner’s work with Asian elephants in Sumatra. Sumatra has recently emerged out of 30 years of civil conflict, so Wild Earth Allies first priority – as in many communities – is to improve the lives of the people who share habitat with the elephants. EnviroKidz funds support Conservation Response Units, local patrols made up of community members that help protect farmland from elephants – and elephants from poachers.

How can you save the elephants?

  • Get to know your food and be sure that it’s sourced sustainably. Look for organic and fair trade labels.
  • Choose jewelry and ornaments made from materials other than ivory, which is the leading cause of elephant poaching.
  • Raise money for FFI by running a marathon, having a bake sale, or coming up with your own creative fundraiser.
  • Sponsor an elephant or a community ranger in Sumatra.
  • Enjoy EnviroKidz Jungle Munch cereals knowing that 1% of sales goes to support these great programs.