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17 Activities for Kids to Learn About Nature

Posted by Katie Chiavarone on February 8th, 2018 under General, Ideas for Kids

17 Activities for Kids to Learn About Nature | EnviroKidz

Learning about nature is best done through experience and hands-on fun! As we learn more about nature-deficit disorder, a reduction in outdoor play in today’s generation, we understand the increasing importance in helping kids value nature. These activities include natural elements that allow kids to engage with the outdoors in a really fun and creative way! It will not only teach them about different components of nature, but will also help them to observe seasonal differences, make predictions, understand cause and effect, and engage the senses.

These activities for kids use nature to create crafts or hands-on learning activities: 

1. Paint sticks and stones

Explore and collect some sticks and stones to make beautiful DIY decor for your home.

17 Activities for Kids to Learn About Nature | EnviroKidz


2. Go on a scavenger hunt for seasonal items.

Come up with some common things you might come across during a walk in the park or on a hike. Here is a printable you can take with you.

3. Make a nature mandala.

Creating a mandala is a peaceful and fun activity for kids - plus it gets them thinking creatively and interacting with nature to find the materials.

4. Head out on a family hike. 

Making sure you choose the right hike and the right snacks are just a couple of considerations before you head out.  Find more tips for hiking with kids here.

17 Activities for Kids to Learn About Nature | EnviroKidz

5. Set up a flower dissection station.

The flower dissection station encourages scientific exploration and curiosity about the various parts of a flower and what they do.

6. Read the book “Going on a Bear Hunt”, and set up a small play world indoors!

Read the classic children's book "Going on a Bear Hunt" by Micheal Rosen and set up a small sensory play scene with whatever bits of nature and little toys you'd like for a interactive and informational experience.

7. Grow an alphabet themed kids garden.

S is for Spinach, R is for Radish, T is for Tomato...Gardening is a great way for kids to learn about different types of produce along with the alphabet.

17 Activities for Kids to Learn About Nature | EnviroKidz

8. Talk about seasonal changes for animals 

Discuss how animals have to search for food in the winter, practice this inside too.

9. Build a stick maze.

Have your kids draw the maze they would like to make, collect the sticks, and have fun running through your creation.

10. Make a homemade bird feeder to hang in your yard.

Check out some interesting ways to create your own bird feeder from everyday materials.

17 Activities for Kids to Learn About Nature | EnviroKidz

11. Make a Sensory Bin

Something to play with inside for those days kids can’t go out. This is a great way to discuss an aspect of nature or a season through play. Here is a fun ocean sensory bin.

12. Read books about seasonal changes

Take a look through this list for some fun and education books that focus on the changing cycle of seasons and the habits of animals.

13. Plant a vegetable!

Here are tips for growing carrots with kids. It's a great place to start since they can be harvested nearly year round.

17 Activities for Kids to Learn About Nature | EnviroKidz

14. Prepare your garden for the winter.

To get your kids out and enjoying nature try involving them in the process of preparing a garden for the changing season.

15. Make a nature sculpture.

This is a great activity to get creative in nature with all the materials in your surroundings. You can try balancing some small items like rocks and acorns or whatever other nature that strikes you.

16. Go on a hunt for animal tracks!

Identifying and following animal tracks can be fun and exciting - and it's even better when done in the snow.

17 Activities for Kids to Learn About Nature | EnviroKidz

17. Preserve spring flowers in a keyring.

After you've wandered through nature collecting all the pretty flowers in sight - use this simple little craft to make use of them. 


Get Your Free Animal Coloring Booklet | EnviroKidz


These activities for kids are so much fun, and are the perfect way to help your child develop a love for the outdoors and nature.


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Katie is a mom of three and self-proclaimed lover of creative and imaginative play. She has a Master’s degree from New York University in Educational Psychology and a background working in special education. As a work-from-home mom, she balances everyday life with her three young kids and the endless search for her identity outside of motherhood. On her blog, Views From a Step Stool, she writes about kids activities, learning through play and parenting.