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13 Activities for Kids to Learn About Endangered Animals

Posted by Katie Chiavarone on September 25th, 2017 under General, Ideas for Kids
Learning about endangered animals is a really great way for kids to learn empathy and show concern for the world around them. Children innately have a desire to care for animals, and there are many activities for kids that help instill an even greater love and respect for animals!
13 Activities for Kids to Learn About Endangered Animals | EnviroKidz
1. Visit an animal shelter or a wildlife recovery center.
Many animal shelters have endangered species that they care for, or information about them. You might also get the chance to check out an animal like the bald eagle, who was once endangered and has been delisted.
2. Read a book.
Check out your local library for non-fiction, age appropriate books about an endangered species.
3. Play an online game.
A quick Google search will find some fun games and websites, like the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
13 Activities for Kids to Learn About Endangered Animals | EnviroKidz
4. Make a mask.
Crafting can be a great hands-on way to discuss some of these animals. 
5. Play a game of charades.
Write some endangered species on pieces of paper, draw from a hat, and act them out!
6. Make a habitat diorama.
Destruction of habitats is one reason many animals become endangered. Build a diorama (a 3-D miniature model) to display what each animal would need to thrive in its habitat.
7. Make a poster.
Include information about the species, along with what we can do to help protect them. 
8. Raise money to donate.
Find a charity that helps protect endangered animals, and donate towards the cause. 
13 Activities for Kids to Learn About Endangered Animals | EnviroKidz
9. Color.
Print up your free EnviroKidz coloring booklet, and color in a variety of endangered animals.
10. Collect trash.
Pollution greatly affects animals. This gesture can help contribute to a cleaner Earth!
11. Clean up a wildlife refuge.
13 Activities for Kids to Learn About Endangered Animals | EnviroKidz
12. Visit a national park.
Many of the park ranger programs have opportunities and information for kids about how they can contribute to conservation.
13. Visit the EnviroKidz website!
The EnviroKidz website includes some pretty interesting facts about the endangered animals they're working to protect through 1% For The Planet.
Get Your Free Animal Coloring Booklet: Download Here | EnviroKidz
By giving hands-on education, helping with habitat protection, and in donating or volunteering with organizations that help protect animals, our kids can learn about and help many endangered species!

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